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Closed for the season

Thank you to all for another great season! 

We really appreciate your support and business.

See you all in the spring.

Don't forget about online ordering!

 Available opening hours to 6pm every day!

Click the below link to begin your order:

Flannel Cow Creamery (

Please call #508-339-0030 OR come inside to pick up your order.

COVID-19 Info

The Flannel Cow Creamery is an exciting place to get your dessert fix! It proudly operates as the only ice cream shop in Mansfield that sells its own homemade ice cream. As a family-owned and operated creamery, we strive to provide our customers with fresh homemade ice cream that is udderly amazing, as well as excellent customer service.


Our ice cream techniques, derived from the Penn State Creamery course and classes at the Frozen Dessert Institute in Wisconsin, ensure that Flannel Cow ice cream is top-notch! The ice cream made here is crafted in small batches, which guarantees your scoops are fresh, creamy, and loaded with flavor. Come try our homemade ice cream and frozen treats today -- after all, any day is a great day for some ice cream!

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